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Smart Local Data for Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport

Smart Local Data for Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport

We are implementing transport-focused smart cities, using cameras with on-board machine learning in order to quantify movement of pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists, and then building advanced predictive AI systems around this data.

Our main customers are local governments, infrastructure owners and transport providers. Real-time data from a network of video feeds enable them to react to demand, improve safety and improve the utilisation of their assets; and prediction gives them the foresight to pre-empt problems in their network, rather than simply reacting.

Our systems use the latest machine learning and computer vision techniques, run on bespoke, low-cost, easy-to-install hardware. All the edge intelligence is in the software, enabling remote updating and reducing hardware obsolescence and cost.

Peter Mildon

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Co-founded Vivacity Labs. Previously at Frazer Nash. Experienced Mechanical Engineering + Business Process Manager. Distinction from Cambridge University.
CEO of Vivacity. Tech-savvy commercial leader with experience in strategy consultancy (OC&C) & solar car racing. Cambridge 2012