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Augmented Reality Sidekick for Technicians

Augmented Reality Sidekick for Technicians

Vital is leveraging Augmented Reality to transform how work gets done for enterprises engaged in manufacturing and servicing the most complex machines that exist today, such as DNA sequencers and spacecraft. Vital's "EnVision" Augmented Reality software for Smart Glasses actively supports technicians engaged in complex manual tasks such as assembly and maintenance, to dramatically improve their accuracy and efficiency. Work instructions can be called into view completely hands-free. Each step of a task can be individually checked off, recorded and automatically logged. And see-what-I-see virtual presence enables instant support from remote expert colleagues.

Senior React / Full-Stack Developer

Lead iOS Engineer

CTO and Co-Founder @Vital Enterprises. We put work instructions and telepresence onto smart glasses to allow skilled workers to be more productive

Ash Eldritch

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CEO & Co-founder @Vital Enterprises, product leader with 17 years’ experience as a software engineer, architect and serial founder.