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Reducing risk through language analytics

Reducing risk through language analytics

The Problem: RISK

High-value documents, such as requirements, designs, proposals, and contracts are the knowledge real-estate of an organization.

Ambiguous language, in those high-value documents, can open organizations to liability and risk. The patented Vital Text Analytic Service (VTAS) finds problematic language, in real-time, before it becomes a problem. 

The intuitive interface provides visual cues and clear explanations to help users quickly identify and rectify risky language, while educating them on how to avoid similar issues in the future.

Unlike grammar and spelling checkers, VTAS focuses on intent and meaning.
i.e. "Does a sentence actually convey what the author intended, or can it be misconstrued by a reader to mean something else?"

A seemingly small ambiguity, in an important document, can expose an organization to tremendous risk. Just take a look at some of the examples in our "Additional Info" section. VTAS is an insurance policy against such risk.
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