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Healthy Gaming Lifestyle (SuperBetter)

Healthy Gaming Lifestyle (SuperBetter)

Meet Dash 24/7, an augmented-reality based game developed by Visor where the users (mainly children age 7-12) go out from their homes with their smart phones. The game can only be played in outdoor areas and the objective is to capture some special objects with their phone’s camera so that they can trigger some ‘monsters’ inside their phones in which they can play with. With these monsters, the users can capture them for their own collection, raise their monsters' levels,  and even play with other multiple users! This product development's goal is to encourage children to exercise, instead of just sitting at home playing their usual video games. Thus, children will get the fun from playing video games, and the healthy impact from exercising! Visor also prioritizes the safety of the users by restricting the venue of the game by using a global positioning system (GPS) so that the risk of accident while playing the game can be diminished significantly.

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Dohoon Kim

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Worked at Visor. Experience with C++, English language, Java. Went to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUSTx)