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VisibleTo.Me - Geo Social Lead Generation Service

VisibleTo.Me - Geo Social Lead Generation Service

Having limited marketing budget, how can a company maximize its presence and collect as many leads as possible?

Use real-time location information to trigger business contact!

1. DREAM OF SELLER! Geo Social Lead Generation Service that allows companies to virtually present in given geographical location and time. Virtual presence allows you to "see" LinkedIn-profiles of people and companies passing nearby. Required information can be collected and analyzed by companies using different attributes. The information we collect about potential customers can be later transferred to the company's CRM system for further processing.
2. Mobile agent that is installed on smartphones users to be able to collect all needed information. From mobile user's perspective this agent acts as a mobile application that responds to questions like "Who are these people and companies around?", "Are there any professionals useful for me?".

Igor Glotov

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Worked at @Jelastic, @Mail.Ru Group. Hardcore level at Java, JS, ObjC. Fanatic app developer for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen. Winner of the iCTF 2008.

Stanislav Ovsyannikov

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Worked at @Jelastic, @SibEDGE, high level at Java, C, virtualization and low-level network programming. Mobile developer on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen.

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