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Camera-based sensors for smart robots

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Our vision is to make intelligent robots available to everyone ­– to help us with manual work in manufacturing, in the office and at home. This goal necessitates robots with greatly increased sensitivity and perception capabilities, but simplified and cheaper hardware.
RoVi offers an innovative and cost-effective software-based sensor solution to achieve this goal. Our product provides rich sensory feedback, including positions, forces, and tactile data.
Sensing is performed remotely, using a standard camera connected to our vision software. Complex and costly hardware sensors are replaced by our software, reducing hardware complexity and weight, as well as costs of components, assembly and maintenance.
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Student Business Administration für Robotik Start-Up

Intelligente Roboter werden alle Bereiche der Industrie, aber auch unser privates Leben fundamental verändern. Sie unterstützen uns vor allem bei monotonen oder gefährlichen Arbeiten und erhöhen dadurch unsere Arbeits- und Lebensqualität.