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We at Visdraw are working on building a SaaS Based Design & Visualization Platform that will solve the Problems for lot of Players in the Market From Designer's to Retailer's to Big Real Estate House to Low End Broker. We have a Vision to Change the Visualization industry (AR/VR/MR/XR) and Bring Brands & Space Close to People. We are Open to New Idea's and thoughts in Our Team which is Growing day by day .We welcome new talent who want to change the Visualisation industry with their work in 3D , AR , VR, Graphics,Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other technology and Every work will be recognised in the Organisation. We Promise to Offer Good Packages and Equity & Esop's to all those who Deserves..
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Senior Game Developer

Seeking for a highly motivated & Passionate Gaming Professional having hand on experience in Gaming Development, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality and other different platforms to join as Team Head/Leader



Full Stack Developer

Co Founder CTO Position



Looking for a Great Gamer and Coder with Experience in Gaming and 3D Graphics AR/VR technology.
learning attitude towards new technology like Machine Learning, Deep Learning , Python, Tensorflow
Good Knowledge of Unity Plugins.