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Making Virtual Reality Big

Making Virtual Reality Big

Hi, Virtual Samey is the company that will change the entertainment industry as well as the technology world. What I envision and have a further planned out analysis is of my dream business. Virtual Samey is a new world virtual reality arcade center. From gaming themese like shooter based games, role playing games,build, and adventure themed games. Now gaming isn't the only services here at Samey's. Scenarios and also a great concept. Free faling from the sky or being on a scary coaster while having the effects like wind and temperature controlled rooms. For the coaster idea have a manufacturing company make VR coast that includes only seats and what makes the ride run is the VR while the seats mimics movements of the coaster. Many more great ideas. The great thing because we don't have to pay to run these devices anything. Lets see Virtual Samey's thrive!
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