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Investing in Mixed Reality (AR, VR, 3D, Computer Vision)



Lawrence Braitman

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investor / advisor / growth accelerator to early-stage digital media companies

Brandon "Don" Stein

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Mark Linao

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Past: VC Technicolor Ventures. Director Corp Dev Technicolor. Current: Principal AKATSUKI. Venture Partner Candela Partners.Venture Fellow betaworks

Paraj Mathur

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Startup Advisor | VC | Product Manager

Board members and advisors

Managing Director @General Catalyst | Entrepreneur at Heart. Talent is universal, while opportunity is not.

Mick Eddy

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Serial Entreprenuer Virtual Reality Pioneer: Co-Creator, VRML WebGL @Meetup, WebVR @Meetup, Designer, glTF format Author, O'Reilly WebGL and VR Books