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Investing in Mixed Reality (AR, VR, 3D, Computer Vision)

Marketing + Design Intern

$1k – $2k • No equity
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Job Title: Marketing + Design Intern

Location: London (No remote)

Department: Marketing Department

Reports To:

  • Don Stein, CEO (https://www.linkedin.com/in/donstein)
  • Don previously started a venture-capital fund in San Francisco, California. He’s hosted 50 events, invested in 30 startups, and has raised millions of dollars for multiple companies he has co-founded.

Teooh is a high-growth venture backed startup built in Silicon Valley. Teooh is poised to become one of the fastest growing and most unique companies in the world thanks to a world class team of entrepreneurs, developers, and investors. Our team values giving full autonomy to each employee to complete their responsibilities, this means you will take full ownership over your division of the company and are expected to deliver high quality results as we continue to become an iconic startup company.

Job Summary:
A quality product needs quality marketing. You’ll be taking ownership over our marketing and leading our strategic campaigns. On a daily basis you will be managing our social accounts, writing blog posts, editing videos, managing contractors, and releasing marketing materials to our customers and followers. You’re expected to be a self-starter who can deliver quality materials on a strict schedule. You will have full control over your job, and you’ll be treated as if you are an entrepreneur starting a division within our company. This role requires someone who dreams of one day becoming a CMO, or starting their own company.

Expected Deliverables:

  • Consistent posts to social media
  • Consistent press releases
  • Design marketing materials
  • Release promotional videos


  • Network: You’ll be meeting, charming, and interacting with important people on a weekly basis
  • Teamwork: You’ll be in direct contact with our CEO and our business team
  • Startup Culture: You’ll be working in a relaxed environment driven by goals and deadlines
  • Venture Capital: You’ll learn how startups frame their company in preparation for VC funding
  • Sales: You’ll learn the importance of tracking KPI metrics and converting marketing into revenue
  • Time Management: We use Sprint Methodologies for organizing and accomplishing our goals
  • PR: You’ll be writing press releases and building up your contacts in the world of PR


Hard Skills:

  • Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Etc..)
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premier, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Elements, Etc…)
  • Video Capture (Unity, Screen Capture, Product Screenshots, Etc…)
  • Manage Social Accounts (Buffer, HootSuite, TweetDeck, Etc…)
  • Copywriting (Medium, Substack, SEO keywords, Etc…)

Soft Skills:

  • Funny
  • Creative
  • Quirky
  • Motivated to become a CMO or CEO

Company Description:

Teooh is a venture-backed startup founded in Silicon Valley, but now operated in London. Teooh has acquired a world-class group of investors like General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Betaworks, and many other notable Silicon Valley based Venture Capitalists. The Teooh mission is to remove physical barriers from attending events and meeting the right people, bringing people all across the world closer together.

Teooh is a virtual reality company where brands use Teooh Venue’s to host online events. Organizers schedule and plan their event using custom software, plus invite attendee’s using a unique RSVP system. Attendees arrive to the virtual venue as an avatar, and then control their character similar to a video game. Each attendee has the opportunity to customize their avatar character, and can then attend different panels, speeches, and socialize just like at a real-life event.

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Brandon "Don" Stein

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Investing in Mixed Reality (AR, VR, 3D, Computer Vision)

Candela Partners focuses on Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, 3D Technology, and Virtual Reality. Their company has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.candelapartners.co or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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