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Investing in Mixed Reality (AR, VR, 3D, Computer Vision)

Investing in Mixed Reality (AR, VR, 3D, Computer Vision)

Candela Partners is an investment firm founded in 2015 by @Don Stein and @Lawrence Braitman that is focusing on early-stage startups in the Mixed Reality industry. These technologies include AR, VR, 3D, and Computer Vision. Don is the AR/VR scout for General Catalyst, and has funded 30 Mixed Reality startups since 2015 (6D.ai, CameraIQ.co, Syntechcorporation.com, Omnivirt.com). Lawrence has been investing advising, and accelerating the growth of early-stage companies since 1997. He co-founded FlyCast which created the first ever display advertising network targeted direct-response buyers. Flycast sold in 2000 for a reported $2.2B.

Candela aims to invest in early-stage venture deals (<$10-15M pre-money valuation) in the Mixed Reality industry.The fund plans to invest in roughly 10 companies within the next 18 months. The fund will invest up to $750,000 as an initial check into any single company.

QUESTIONS? Don@candelapartners.co

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