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Digital Project Manager Apprentice

$30k – $40k • No equity
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The Digital Project Manager Apprenticeship brings smart, tech-savvy, people-savvy professionals into the career they were born for, but might not have known was waiting for them. You'll go through an initial intensive training period with a dedicated mentor, learning the skills and knowledge you need to run digital projects. Over time, you’ll contribute to client projects and deliverables with increasing levels of autonomy.

The Basics

* The Digital Project Manager Apprenticeship is offered in our Falls Church, VA, office.
* The apprenticeship lasts 10 weeks, from January 21 to March 27, 2020.
* Apprentices are expected to work 40 hours/week (9-5, M-F, but we can be flexible).
* Total compensation of $6,000.
* Relocation is not provided.
* You must have the permanent, legal right to work in the US. We do not sponsor visas.

About You:

* You love the Internet and are excited about the tech industry.
* You’re smart. You ask a lot of questions and enjoy learning new things. People like teaching you because of your enthusiasm and aptitude for learning.
* You’re very organized and love to get things done.
* You’re a strong communicator, both in writing and in person. You’re able to help a group of people understand each other.
* You’re a proactive collaborator, and you bring exceptional emotional intelligence to all your interaction.
* You have a knack for reading situations and de-escalating tension.
* You like a challenge and take pride in your work. Everyone knows you’re a hard worker and always reliable.
* When confronted with a new, unfamiliar problem, you love the process of figuring out the best path forward.
* Being a part of a team is important to you.

What You’ll Learn:

* How the tech you love actually works: what needs to happen to create that thing/experience we call the Internet? Hint: it’s complex, but amazing.
* How to work with clients: who are clients anyway? How can we communicate with and teach and serve them so that our digital stuff solves their problem?
* How to work with makers: what does it mean to be a maker? How can we help developers and designers do their best work?
* How to solve problems: big problems, small problems, tech problems, people problems—you will learn how to find solutions and make decisions that set the vision, tone, and pace of projects.
* Your own talents in our industry: where do you make your most positive impact? Which part of Internet-building do you love most? Maybe it’s being a DPM. Maybe it’s something else. After ten weeks, you’ll know.
* The value of close mentorship: you will closely shadow a full-time PM, learning the day-to-day nuances of the DPM role and agency life.

How to Apply:

Please visit viget.com/careers/digital-project-manager-apprentice and apply on the form at the bottom of that page by Friday, December 6.

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