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search video like you search the web

search video like you search the web

We use machine learning and computer vision technologies we patented at Columbia during our PhDs to enable video search and indexing for large media companies and advertisers to leverage their in-house/licensed video content.

We are developing a fully automatic metadata generation pipeline that allows companies to understand what content is in each of their videos. For example, identifying and locating visual speakers, segmenting larger running videos into relevant clips, linking to text based articles, finding scene changes, and generating deep learning tags for videos.

As part of integrating with content we are also building digital product editing suite that automatically recommends relevant video content for any text-based media product, and automatically links relevant user-generated content and social media information found on the web.
Founder VidRovr • MS/PhD Columbia University, NSF Fellow. Worked at Janelia HHMI, NASA

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Title: Co-Founder/CEO Vidrovr (Techstars '17) Education: B.S./B.A. University of San Diego, M.S./PhD Columbia University. Worked: Google, IBM, MITRE, Qualcomm
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