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search video like you search the web

search video like you search the web

We develop a platform that automatically searches, indexes, and retrieves content from video archives and live streams. On top of the search and machine-learning core, we have built the most advanced video monitoring, alert, and summary report system on the market today, helping clients understand the contents of their videos and find the information they care about quickly. Our clients include some of the world's leading media companies, including NBC and the AP, multiple government agencies, and think tanks.

CEO and CTO Joseph Ellis and Daniel Morozoff founded Vidrovr while PhD Students in the Digital Video and Multimedia Lab at Columbia University, and Prof. Shih-Fu Chang, of Columbia Engineering, continues to advise the company. The team has published and patented foundational research in machine learning, computer vision, and multimodal information processing. We are backed by top-tier VCs, including Samsung Next, 415, R/GA, Techstars, and leading angels on both the east and west
Founder VidRovr • MS/PhD Columbia University, NSF Fellow. Worked at Janelia HHMI, NASA

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Title: Co-Founder/CEO Vidrovr (Techstars '17) Education: B.S./B.A. University of San Diego, M.S./PhD Columbia University. Worked: Google, IBM, MITRE, Qualcomm
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