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Think better. Think faster

Think better. Think faster

Vidora enables anyone in any business to build and use complex machine learning models. With Vidora's self-service platform, Cortex, machine learning is intuitive, interpretable and fast, automating the entire machine learning pipeline from raw data to model outputs. Developed by experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Stanford, Berkeley and Caltech, Cortex sits at the heart of some of the largest global brands, such as Walmart, News Corp, and Discovery.

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Founder @Vidora • Early Employee at @Ooyala, @Affinity Circles • Studied CS at @Stanford University
Founder Vidora • Ph.D from @University of California Berkeley, Studied at @Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur • Early Employee at @Ooyala, Worked at @Pure Digital Technologies

Alex Holub

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Founder @Vidora • PhD from @Caltech in Computer Vision / Machine Learning • Studied CS @Cornell University (BA/MS)