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IoT Experience Company

IoT Experience Company

Videri/WHIM is an Experience company. We are changing the way we see, hear, play, learn, consume on a WHIM - it’s a whole new way of doing Stuff.

Through Visual IoT, we exist to engage the senses, stretch the imagination and ignite curiosity. We have spent years pushing the status quo and redefining what is visually possible.

Nothing we do is expected. And we like it that way. Now, if your brain started whirling with an abundance of ideas, and you think joining the team is in your stellar wheelhouse, give us a shout. We’re waiting for you.

Carleen Pan

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Launcher: I bring products and brands to market. early startup hire, throw me on a moving bus and I'm at home.

Akhil Sattenapalli

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Product Manager

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