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‘Video Experience Management Platform’

‘Video Experience Management Platform’

Overview VideoTap – Video Experience Management Platform VideoTap helps video content publishers develop and deliver effective viewing experiences to their consumers, increase consumer engagement and achieve better ROI Our patented multi-functional streaming technology offers many hi-utility functions, where watching the videos is just, one of the functions. Video Content Producers can create and deliver custom experiences on recorded videos (VOD) and Live streams. Consumers will be able to further, personalize their experiences. Consumers - Will be able to participate in a gamified experience in real time, all within the video itself, using the high utility features of VideoTap Engage: With content which adapts to consumer inputs Self-Personalize: Personalize the video for relevant content and keep modifying the video at will Navigate: Within the video to the portion of the content they want to see, instantaneously Know: Relevant information, on a simple Tap, whenever they want to Participate: In polls, quizzes, express themselves by rating, comments and also receive gratification Trigger: Conveniently trigger call to actions like Click to Call, download a brochure, add to cart, instantaneously VideoTap helps in solving the biggest problems of video content producers which is ‘Engagement’. This is a game changer for Video Content Producers, Advertisers and Consumers.

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