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Eradicating chronic disease



Investor @Nextdoor @Citrus Lane, @Mixbook, @MyFitnessPal, @GemShare, experience at KPCB, Google, eBay/PayPal


Raymond Lee

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Innovative and forward-thinking product management and development executive with a focus on bringing digital healthcare products from concept to reality.

Stephanie Hoang

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Russell Melick

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Alexandre Laurin

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MSc Math, PhD Physiology. Worked at French National Computing Institute in knowledge translation for seismocardiography. 4 papers, 2 patents, 2 startups.

Josh Stevens

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Greg Bernstein

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Clinical Operations Manager at VIDA

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Engineering @Descript, former @Detour, co-founder @Ditto.me (sold to @Groupon); @Apple, @Siri engineer
Designer, Founder, Advisor

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Bobby Guttikonda

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Avik Das

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