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About Victory Lap

We’re a passionate team of change-makers that believe in democratizing professional sales opportunities allowing people to achieve success sooner in their careers. We provide people the pathway to professional experience and grant them access to a network of over 125 top companies in Chicago. When we’re not helping people realize their truest potential, you can find us enjoying ourselves in one of Chicago’s oldest tavern’s, The Green Door Tavern, enjoying gourmet meals made by our Founder and CEO, or belting our “walkout songs” at the nearest Karaoke bar.

Who We Love to Work With

To date, we have worked with over 300 candidates to help prepare them for a career in sales. What we have found in working with so many candidates is that oftentimes they have fallen into a job out of college or chose a path that others may have expected of them but they don’t find fulfilling. Ultimately, they hit a point where they decide they want to change careers, but the big inhibitor of this is they are told they don’t have the experience or they lack the network. That’s where we come in.
Our goal is to help you bridge the gap and pursue your passion for a sales career by enrolling great people into our Sales Bootcamp. Don’t worry about not having the right experience or the network because we will take care of all of that!

You’re an Ideal Candidate If You Possess

- Self-starter mentality: status quo is something you strive to break through in order to achieve your maximum potential
- Curiosity: you’re a continuous learner with a high self-awareness
- Autonomy: you crave independence and the ability to create your own path
- Coachability: you’re receptive to feedback and take immediate steps to implement coaching
- Resiliency: Winning and losing motivate you and you’re a person who will dig into challenges and not give up
- Strong Interpersonal Communication: you’re able to effectively deliver a message to different types of personas

What to Expect When Joining the Victory Lap Program

In 5 days, we prepare you for success in sales and connect you with employers selected based on their investment in their teams and career growth potential for our candidates.

Our Sales Bootcamps include:

- Expert-led instruction from elite sales leaders across Chicago
- Real-life sales practice, and the knowledge to start your next sales job with the confidence to succeed
- Topics covered include but aren’t limited to standing out amongst other applicants, objection handling, pipeline management, and keys to success in sales
- Upon successful completion of our Sales Bootcamp, you will be personally introduced to our employer network through networking opportunities and our open marketplace platform. Our network consists of 125+ Chicago top companies that vary in size, culture, and industry (including but not limited to SAAS, Tech, and Logistics)

Benefits of Graduating Bootcamp and Becoming a Victory Lap Alumni:

- Direct access and introductions Chicago’s Top Technology & SAAS -Companies
- 1:1 Support every step of the way through your interviews
- Scheduling assistance and tracking tools
- Process feedback and success pointers
- Advice for any unsure or confusing moment
- Lifetime membership to a close-knit sales community of over 300+ program graduates who provide mentorship, friendship, guidance and advice
- Continued training from Chicago’s top sales leaders to ensure you are always growing with us
- A direct line of communication to the Victory Lap team no matter where you are in the world or your career

Victory Lap Alumni Say it Best!

"I came into Victory Lap with no sales experience, and I can't believe how much I've grown. Because of the program, I learned so many necessary and vital sales skills in order to be successful, which truly makes the growth I've experienced tremendous." Erthel O.

“Bootcamp was such a refreshing experience for me. I've lacked support in pushing for career growth and learning opportunities in my previous roles and the energy at Bootcamp is just contagious. I loved coming in every day feeling like everyone around you wanted you to succeed and wanted to help make that happen. I learned so much about ways I've been selling myself short (or not selling myself!) and how to correct for that. Bootcamp was like a reset button that allowed me to open my eyes to opportunities I would never have considered otherwise.” Kelly M.

“Victory Lap taught me to be confident not only in myself, but also my ability to learn new skills quickly. That was the most stressful part of joining sales: "Will I pick up the skills I need quick enough?". Victory Lap proved to me that with focus and dedication there's nothing in the sales world I can't do.” Colby C.

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Empowering Sales Success

Victory Lap focuses on Education, Sales and Marketing, Recruiting, and Training. Their company has offices in Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.victorylap.io or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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