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...the future of content creator and viewer interaction

...the future of content creator and viewer interaction

VibraVid is here to revolutionize the way consumers interact with digital content, while also improving sales and marketing strategies for content creators. Beatzcoin is the cryptocurrency that will fuel the VibraVid platform. In essence, Beatzcoin offers an incentive for both the consumer, and the content creator. Beatzcoin will be the standard utility to perform transactions on the VibraVid platform. The VibraVid platform will be accessible via desktop and mobile applications. Think YouTube® meets soundclick® meets reverb nation® meets blockchain, meets value (Beatzcoin), meets artificial intelligence, meets…well, VibraVid! Through the VibraVid platform, content creators can be paid for every play they receive, which will include any digital content (video, song, etc.). Content creators will be able to promote and sell their content on our platform. Likewise, consumers will be able to earn Beatzcoin by simply watching and listening to various digital contents (videos, songs, etc.).

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