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Viasat is a global communications company building the ultimate communications network



Peter Tao

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Worked at ViaSat

Sander Peerna

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B.S. in Computer Science. DevOps engineer experienced with microservice architecture. Capable of various software engineering roles.

Rick Baldridge

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Arpad Kovacs

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Test Engineer at ViaSat

Pam Novak, MBA

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James Coggins

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Ph.D. Computer Scientist, Senior Data Scientist at ViaSat, Inc. defining and solving hard problems intersecting computer science, mathematics, and statistics

Lisa McKnight, MBA

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Robert Weinstein

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Consumed with process improvement, change implementation and management and making it all valuable to the business

Kam Charoensri

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System Integration and Testing Lead at ViaSat

Dean Jordan

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Many years of achieved success in technical roles and customer facing roles. Excellent presentation skills and an ability to capture new business.

Abhishek Sharma

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Young Ki Lee

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Jason Haury

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I'm looking for hourly consulting/contract work which can be done remotely. I especially like building web service back ends and API layers.

Michael Lo

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Product Owner / DevOps Engineer in Global Infrastructure organization @Viasat

Allen Vaisman

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California State University, San Marcos -- Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Viasat - Software Engineer
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Former team

Nidhi Jain

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Sunil Mishra

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John Hartquist

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Michael Maniscalco

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Srinivas Sarma

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Olav Alexander Eidem

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