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Your personal city experience inspired by locals

Your personal city experience inspired by locals

VIAJO is an unprecedented tool for travelers. It introduces them to the cities they are visiting in a really intriguing fashion, one that abuses their curiosity – through the eyes of the locals. They are the ones who present t cities with the best they have in store for each profile of traveler, in the form of videos, texts, photos and maps – made available through the several channels that the platform encompasses – site, app, YouTube and television – in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
VIAJO is much more than a simple tourism guide. Travelers who use it will discover hidden treasures, secret haunts, or even well-known and popular spots, but with a different flavour – these are places where locals really love to be, relax, dine, have coffee or go on an adventure; places that become unique through the perspective of those who really go there on a regular basis.
We are seeking partners that will helps us present the best destinations to travelers around the world.

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