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Using AI to answer the question "What Do I Do When I Get There" for travelers and vendors

Using AI to answer the question "What Do I Do When I Get There" for travelers and vendors

Viageur is an AI-powered travel planning service that figures out the question "What Do I Do When I Get There?" Using a simple questionnaire, Viageur takes your favorite things to do and eat and puts together an optimized schedule for you to enjoy, connecting you directly with vendors, all the while saving you hours of research. You can have peace of mind that Viageur is an ad-free space that keeps your information private and not sold to the highest bidder. Imagine never having to spend hours figuring out whether Tuesday is a better day to go to that show, or never spend hours figuring out what's an excellent place to eat at your current location. After getting to know you, Viageur will pick up on your location and zero in on what you would enjoy. With a push of a button. Whether you are spur of the moment planner or like planning everything to the last detail, Viageur makes your life so much easier. Wouldn't it be better to know you're going to the right spot than agonizing over it? For hours? Viageur sets out our trip for you in an easy to read way. Want to change around the order? Sure, Viageur considers how you rearranged your schedule and will still optimize your experience.

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Co-Founder at Viaguer and Co-Founder & CFO at Sugarcane Media Inc.

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