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Sustainable biomaterials for membrane separation

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We are looking for passionate people to join the core of our team; every member will have a direct impact on the future of our company. Ideal candidates must be driven to bring our novel technology and solutions to the rest of the world, making it a better place. We have a dynamic, fast-paced, and results-driven work environment that is both challenging and rewarding. We empower everyone to succeed together and to feel proud of the work we are doing.

The culture and team is paramount at ViaeX. ViaeX is a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity employer and believes that a strong, diverse culture is key to helping our company grow to its full potential.

Come join our journey and build your career at ViaeX!
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Office & Operations Manager

ViaeX is looking for an Office & Operations Manager. You will play a critical role in the success and growth of the ViaeX team.


Polymer Chemist

About ViaeX

ViaeX is a seed funded start-up that develops high-performance materials from biowaste to redefine one of the worlds’ oldest industries, filtration. Using recent advances in computational chemistry and nanoscale technologies, ViaeX is able to program bio-renewable materials to enhanc...


Lab Technician

The Lab Technician, under the direction of the Senior Scientist, will be responsible for performing experiments in support of various biomaterial research projects in the lab. The Lab Technician will be involved in the continues testing and development of filtration media and novel biomaterials t...


Product Development Engineer

Posted 5 months ago

ViaeX is looking to expand its line of products, and wants to grow its team with an expert in the water filtration product development space. This position will take on responsibilities ranging from materials sourcing to co-developing product quality assurance protocols.