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Direct-to-fan video distribution



Jamie Wilkinson

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Co-founder and CEO at VHX. Previously co-creator of Know Your Meme, won a Primetime Emmy for Star Wars Uncut, member of FAT Lab (RIP)


People Operations Manager constructing the building blocks for a great team, a great office, and a great place to work.

Adam Klaff

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Area Man, @VHXTV.

Chad Pugh

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Leading all brand and user experience design at @VHX
Community Management & Artist Relations for @VHX. Previously a Community Manager at @Vimeo, • Studied at @Grand Valley State University.
SVP of Enterprise & Head of Creator Success @Vimeo . Previously VHX (acquired by Vimeo) & @Goldman Sachs.

Kevin Sheurs

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Engineering at @vhxtv. Previously Director of Engineering at @Vimeo. NYC @Techstars 2012.

Former team

David Gonzalez

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Paula Rosenberg

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Forest Conner

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Scott Robertson

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