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The Vexcel Data Program, a division of Vexcel Imaging, is building the world's largest platform for high resolution imagery. We use industry-leading Vexcel cameras for aerial capture and then store, build, and deliver imagery to various customers via a large cloud infrastructure. We are building a hybrid of the best from imaging, GIS, and software/cloud backgrounds. Want to work in the Denver area on difficult tech problems (more than 50PB data annually), a desire to move quickly and innovate in tech and business processes, and to get in on the ground floor of a fast-growing, well-funded company? Give us a shout.
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Software Engineer - Web Development

Posted 5 months ago

Vexcel is looking for a Software Engineer with strong web development experience to join our team. Ideally based in Boulder, Colorado, we will also consider candidates based in the United States to work with our team remotely.


Manager of Internet Security and Developer Operations

Posted 10 months ago

The Vexcel Data Program’s mission is to bring world class imagery to internet-scale cloud services. We are working with worldwide partners to take the aerial imagery produced by UltraCam devices and build a scaled-out cloud service that supports industry and government agencies.