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All-Encompassing Pet Care Platform

All-Encompassing Pet Care Platform

Vetco is an all-encompassing end to end pet management platform. It is a two-way synergic application that offers the vet an effective practice management tool and provides the pet owner with a consolidated mechanism to manage their pet’s needs. Vetco eliminates the need for cumbersome file keeping and paper records by putting all the pet's records on a mobile device. Our effective and intuitive reminder system ensures the pet owner always stays on top of their pet’s health needs.. 'Mate-making', our in-built interactive social feature helps pet owners find the perfect mate or playdate for their pets and strives to eventually build a robust community for a highly engaged customer base.

Our solution aims to bring all the various stakeholders from Vets, pet owners, breeders, pet stores, pet services and pharma companies to build an inclusive platform that is a one stop shop for anything related to pets.

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