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Head of Digital Product

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*Role & Responsibilities: *

  1. Personally lead all digital product efforts to achieve product market fit within the first 90 days, where success means having 40% of people say that if we didn’t exist, they would be VERY disappointed
  2. Define and implement all customer experiences on Vessel mobile apps and vesselhealth.com, and have strong opinions on all surrounding and connected experiences including unboxing moments, CRM touchpoints, acquisition touchpoints, CX touchpoints, email campaigns, etc.
  3. Develop, own, and maintain a detailed 12-month web product roadmap that ladders to the long-term vision, is developed with inputs from key partners across the organization, and is communicated broadly
  4. Run point on user research, focus groups, usability testing, and product market fit testing, driving product decisions using key consumer insights
  5. Be the key decision maker for digital product development related interactions with design and engineering, making informed & analytically driven decisions, user experiences, product features, building vs. buying tools, etc.
  6. Create detailed project plans & documentation for all in-progress and upcoming digital product initiatives with detailed product specs and defined scopes for all project stages from P0 through P3+
  7. Effectively communicate the vision, product roadmap, and project plans to the company and working teams
  8. Make hiring, training, & team expansion decisions, including how many people we need at what level, who owns what squads and projects, how often they swap squads, etc.
  9. Effectively set expectations for the PM role. Create clarity around what is expected from PMs to do the job well, what decisions your direct reports will make vs. you, what level of engagement and visibility you want as the head of product, and what meetings/processes are needed for this
  10. Recurring web product team meetings, creative prioritization meetings, sprint planning, grooming sessions, ideation/brainstorming sessions, and other meetings as needed. Support web product team members and continue to drive a culture of continual analysis, testing, experimentation and optimization.

Digital product experiences at Vessel are the heartbeat of our business and one of the primary ways that customers interact with us. As we rapidly approach the launch date and exit of our pre-order phase, we will be developing new pieces of the customer experience that do not exist today, optimizing existing experiences, and striving for product market fit as quickly as possible. We will also be establishing our longer term strategic product roadmap. The head of digital product will lead these efforts making decisions on what features to add or remove, how to prioritize design and development resources, when to hire a team, how to incorporate customer feedback, and more.

Needed Skills:
-Equally comfortable in the clouds and the weeds
-Effective individual contributor, and team leader
-Strong attention to detail
-Analytically critical thinker
-Efficient execution of tasks
-Fast response times
-Interviewing new candidates and making successful hires
-Organization & planning
-Proactive communication
-Leading people and dealing with poor performance

What technical knowledge do you need to perform in your role?
-Able to write comprehensive product specs for web and mobile applications
-Knowledge of mobile app development & deployment
-Deep understanding of API integrations
-Strong familiarity with tools like Jira, Asana, Miro, Figma, Notion, Slack, etc.
-Ability to run user testing, focus groups, customer surveys, and research panels
-Deeply familiar with ad tech platforms including Google Analytics, Optimize, Tag Manager, Klayvio, Unbounce, etc.

Qualifications (Must haves):
-Experience developing mobile apps and web applications
-Experience as a player, and a coach, with ability to roll up their sleeves to get the job done without a team, but also to hire and train a team as we scale

Qualifications (Nice to haves):
-Experience working at an organize that has scaled from small to large
-Usability expertise and design taste

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Founder Blo.om, Empyr.com, MOGL.com, MojoPages.com, ClientShop.com Mentor FoundersInstitute Board Member EvoNexxus

Christian Chasmer

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Partner and COO at health tech start up Vessel (www.VesselHealth.com). Founder Elevate Advisors and CC Solutions Author of Lose The Limits
Technology @Vessel Senior Software Engineer @Funny Or Die . Previously Co-Founder of @BigSho , Studio Tentpole

Doug Lorenzen

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Partner at Moore Venture Partners, former Talespin VR, Daniel Plan, early cofounder at OpenEnglish.com, and lover of tech

Matthew McCord

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Co-Founder and Product Director at Bloom

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Vessel focuses on Healthcare, Health Care Information Technology, Personal Health, and Health and Wellness. Their company has offices in San Diego. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Vessel has raised $5.381M of funding; their latest round was closed on February 2020.

You can view their website at http://www.vesselhealth.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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