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In-home real-time health tracker

In-home real-time health tracker

Vessel is an easy, at-home urine strip that tests for optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, cortisol, ketones, pH, and other key indicators of health. No lab needed. Just 5 minutes and start optimizing your health from the inside out.

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Christian Chasmer

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Partner and COO at health tech start up Vessel (www.VesselHealth.com). Founder Elevate Advisors and CC Solutions Author of Lose The Limits
Founder Blo.om, Empyr.com, MOGL.com, MojoPages.com, ClientShop.com Mentor FoundersInstitute Board Member EvoNexxus

Matthew McCord

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Co-Founder and Product Director at Bloom

Doug Lorenzen

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Partner at Moore Venture Partners, former Talespin VR, Daniel Plan, early cofounder at OpenEnglish.com, and lover of tech
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