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Very Good Ventures is a NYC-based technology studio.

Flutter Apprentice

$45k – $55k
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Very Good Ventures is a technology design and development studio that uses cutting edge technology to create competitive advantage for our clients. We dream. We design. We build. We ship. We operate. We love what we do.

While most companies are building apps the same way it’s been done for a decade, we are leading the charge to transform how apps for mobile, desktop, and web are created. We are the global leader in Flutter — Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. We built the first commercial Flutter app outside of Google, the first large-scale demo of Flutter for Desktop, and the first public demo of Flutter for Web (in collaboration with the New York Times and was featured at Google I/O 2019).

Flutter is the fastest-growing skill for software engineers according to LinkedIn. If you are looking to build a disruptive skillset and invest in your future by learning Flutter, come work with us and learn from the very best.

Our clients range from well-funded startups to philanthropic foundations to Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Hamilton: The Musical, The New York Times, PolicyGenius, Information Builders, Medly Pharmacy, Aura, Retail Merchandising Solutions, H.A.Berkheimer, and more.

Come be a part of the coming Flutter Transformation.


What You’ll Do

You will work alongside and be mentored by some of the most experienced Flutter developers on the planet. Our Flutter leadership team each has 5+ years of native mobile development experience and at least two years of Flutter development experience. As an apprentice, you will work in our team-based environment on all aspects of Flutter app development. You will learn how to properly create and architect Flutter applications. You will learn how to properly architect systems for growth using approaches such as BLOC and Provider. You will learn how to efficiently lay out beautiful user interfaces. You will learn best practices in Flutter development, collaborative coding, continuous integration, and DevOps. You will learn how to write and automate tests. And, you will learn what it takes to ship game-changing applications.


Roles & Responsibilities

- You will work on-site under the direct mentorship of our senior team
- You will read, learn, and become an expert in the emerging Flutter ecosystem
- You will assist in the concepting and definition of technical products
- You will learn to author high-quality code to create UI layouts, data models, controller logic, and animations
- You will learn best practices for testing
- You will find opportunities to automate and streamline team processes
- You will get real work experience on important apps for major clients
- You will develop your own app as an internal side project and venture
- You will learn to articulate and communicate what you’ve learned by writing blog posts


We are looking for a passionate individual who...

- Has professional mobile (iOS and/or Android) development experience
- Has Flutter set up and is constantly hacking in Flutter in their free time
- Has built a simple Flutter app from start to finish
- Knows how to use git in a team setting
- Is overflowing with enthusiasm for Flutter and tech in general
- Plays nice with others, is confident yet modest, is high energy, and exudes positivity


Compensation and Benefits

- Get paid to learn Flutter from the very best
- Put the leading Flutter agency and the names of our clients on your resume
- Work in a hip office in the Chrysler Building across the street from Grand Central
- Dedicated time to work on internal ventures, Flutter concept, and prototypes

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