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Lead Node.js / Serverless Engineer (Hamilton)

$125k – $200k • No equity
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Lead and grow Very Good Ventures' backend engineering team to manage existing platforms, such as the Hamilton app API, as well as to architect and develop new ventures.

-- The Role --

The Lead Backend Engineering will be responsible for the APIs and server-side infrastructure that power the applications developed by Very Good Ventures.

You will be responsible for the successful architecture, development, and deployment of new applications for clients and internal ventures as well as the ongoing enhancements and maintenance of new and existing applications. Additionally, you will be responsible for leading our server-side engineering team. This is a coding role as well as a leadership position.

The applications we create, such as for the Broadway musical Hamilton, are used by millions of people and generate millions of dollars in revenue. So, our engineers must be comfortable tackling the interesting engineering challenges that come with success and scale as well as creating entirely new applications.

-- Job Requirements --

• Expert JavaScript / TypeScript developer

• Minimum of 4 years full-time development experience with Node.js

• Experience architecting, developing, deploying, and managing complex APIs (ideally for mobile apps)

• Experience building and growing an engineering team (including both local and distributed members)

• Experience with “Serverless” architectures (Firebase Functions / Google Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda, etc.)

• Experience with NoSQL and/or real-time databases (Firebase RTDB, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, Google Cloud Datastore, etc.)

• Experience authoring, testing, and deploying code to high volume production applications

-- Nice To Have --

• Expertise with TypeScript

• Experience creating test suites with Mocha (or other similar)

• Experience with Firebase

• Experience with Google Cloud Platform

• Front-end web or mobile development skills

• Experience with third-party APIs such as: Stripe, Magento, Eventbrite, Twilio.

-- Compensation --

As we are both an agency and a venture studio, we offer salary, bonus, and equity compensation on a case-by-case.

-- Who We Are --

Very Good Ventures is an NYC-based technology venture studio. We ideate, incubate, launch, and manage mobile apps and digital platforms, both internally and with client partners.

Very Good Ventures is an independent spin-off of the digital agency, Posse, where we previously created mobile products for companies and brands like Hamilton, Jet.com, The Rock, George Takei, Sixpoint, Spring, Shoptiques, Gatorade, QuikOrder/Pizza Hut, Murray’s Cheese, RadioPublic/PRX, Cinematique, SphereOptics.io, Medly Pharmacy, and more.

We currently manage the Hamilton mobile apps, an e-file application for Pennsylvania’s largest tax collector, an app brand for children, and we are are currently incubating several new ventures.

Our work has been featured as Google Developer Stories, on the Google Developer Blog, on the Firebase Blog, at Flutter Live ’18, featured at Google IO 2018, has been on stage at multiple Apple WWDC events.

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