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Advanced Computer Vision and AI for Augmented Reality

Advanced Computer Vision and AI for Augmented Reality

Placenote is a Y-combinator backed augmented reality (AR) startup building a cloud-based visual mapping SDK for mobile AR apps. We believe that AR will fundamentally change how we interact with the web and the physical world around us.

Our vision is to make navigating the real world as easy as navigating the web. To do this, we've built an SDK to help developers add 3D maps to their AR apps so they can build persistent, shared AR experiences, indoors, in a robust, low-cost manner without beacons, markers or GPS.

We're passionate about the potential for advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms scaled by the distribution advantage of mobile. As a team, we stay abreast of the latest research in Computer Vision particularly in Monocular SLAM, Machine Learning, Scene Recognition, Object Recognition and Structure from motion to name a few.

Yan Ma

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Founder @Placenote , early employee @clearpath robotics, roboticist. Dream of making post scarcity a reality via automation.

Prasenjit Mukherjee

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I build Augmented Reality at @tryvertical (YC W15). Lots of Robots, Drones and AI in my life (@clearpathrobots, @UWaterloo TRON). Nerdisms naturally follow

Neil Mathew

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Founder @Placenote. I'm passionate about AR as the future of UX in computing.


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