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Founder of Verloop. Previously tech @MagicX, co-founder @GoDeliver(acquired by MagicX), Worked at @Vizury Interactive Solutions, @Lifetape.


Ashwin M

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Vivek Anand

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I Vivek Anand, Currently working in Verloop from sept 2018 - present, which includes analysis of database, search for new leads.

Sai Teja Grandhi

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Marketing & Growth @Verloop

Meghana Bhange

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Love to dabble in everything machine learning | Pythonista | NLP ♥️

Rajeev Warrier

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Machine Learning Engineer. Modeled production ready NLP and Computer Vision solutions to complex problems. Highly skilled in Python and Machine Learning.

Gautham V S

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Works at Verloop

Vollin Kein Braganza

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Growth lead at Omnify, Inc. Experience in Inside Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Email Marketing, and Copywriting.

Dhruv Naik

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Went to Manipal Institute Of Technology

Aditya Prasanna

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CSE. Founder of Festify.in. Worked on Angular, Django, python, javascript, Sass, Html, git, nginx, aws, ssl integration, etc. Passionate to grow and add value.

Pooja Srivastava

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Business Strategy
Dual Degree graduate from IIT Kharagpur , data analytics and product management.

Sujoy Correa

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Former Goldman and Deutsche Employee, currently working in Verloop.io.

Anush Fernandes

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The only life worth living is one of intrigue. Or dogs, dogs work too. Graduated from Christ Uni. Head Content and Marketing for $7 million dollar firm.

Chandrashekhar Kandpal

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I am passionate about integrating Machine and Deep Learning researches in Industrial Applications. Have 3+ years of experience in Applied Data Science.
Experienced Analytics professional with hands on experience in the field of Decision Sciences . Proficient in analytical techniques.
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Former team

Vinod HI

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Juliana Hazarika

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Sandip Ram

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Piyush Mishra

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Prakash Kumar Tiwari

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