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Conversational Automation Platform

Natural Language Processing Engineering Lead (ML/Automation Focus)

₹30L – ₹45L • 0.05% – 0.1%
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Edit: Please don't apply for internships or other engineering roles here.

We're looking for motivated Data Science folks. We help augment human productivity so that humans can focus on the most creative tasks. This role is ideal for someone early-career going and looking to get into Data Science management track.

What you might look like
Worked on Natural Language Processing (or Computer Vision)
Experience in Deploying ML Systems to Production
Engineering mindset >> Research Mindset
Between 3-7 years of ML experience

The rest of this role is written to give a sense of expectations, but honestly they're not hard filters. Please do consider talking to us even if you don't meet these exactly. We encourage conventional minorities in Indian tech including women, folks from North East India or those who grew up with tribes to apply.

I am not looking for machines - we can rent them on the cloud!
I'm looking for smart, high integrity and energetic teammates above everything else.

Technical Know-how

  • Fluency with descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Fluency in deep learning for natural language processing basics equivalent to cs224n
  • Fluency in deployment & development hygiene e.g. CI/CD, integrated testing, code reviews, enforce coding standards
  • Big Bonus: Past experience with Data Engineering and Data Annotation processes

The adjacent problems include: Data Quality Monitoring and Automated Data Exploration

Project Skills

  • Ability to scope down machine learning projects and estimate shipping times
  • Ability to develop experimental designs and review project design plans with attention to detail

Management Skills

  • Ability to work in a diverse team
  • Define team objectives
  • Scope projects, set feature expectations and select evaluation metrics
  • Interviewing and hiring, Coaching fresh grads

Personal Skills

  • Strong comfort with written communication
  • Excellent social and organizational skills
  • Ability to effectively manage time, prioritize tasks and negotiate on deadlines when needed

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Nirant Kasliwal

Avatar for Nirant Kasliwal
ML+NLP at Verloop, Published author of a NLP Book; maintainer of awesome-NLP, Winner of Kaggle's NLP Kernel Prize

Chandrashekhar Kandpal

Avatar for Chandrashekhar Kandpal
I am passionate about integrating Machine and Deep Learning researches in Industrial Applications. Have 3+ years of experience in Applied Data Science.

Rajeev Warrier

Avatar for Rajeev Warrier
Machine Learning Engineer. Modeled production ready NLP and Computer Vision solutions to complex problems. Highly skilled in Python and Machine Learning.

Meghana Bhange

Avatar for Meghana Bhange
Love to dabble in everything machine learning | Pythonista | NLP ♥️

Verloop at a glance

Conversational Automation Platform

Verloop focuses on B2B, Sales and Marketing, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Customer Service. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees. To date, Verloop has raised $3M of funding; their latest round was closed on November 2018.

You can view their website at https://verloop.io or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.