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The Sonic Truth

The Sonic Truth

Marketers have a wealth of data at their fingertips. In fact, virtually every decision has some data guiding it: where and how to place ads, who to target, what color to make the submit button, and so on.

Audio selection — from voice to music to functional sound — has been a loud exception to this rule, despite the fact that innovation and investment around audio is booming. There’s simply too much opportunity at stake to be basing audio decisions on hunches.

Veritonic was created to solve this problem. We were pioneers in online testing and optimization, helping marketers make data-driven decisions about websites and user experience when they were struggling for guidance. Now we're applying the same evidence-based approach to ensure that, every time someone uses sound commercially, in any way, they’re always leveraging the most effective audio, getting to that truth easily and driving success.

That’s the sonic truth.
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Co-founder and COO at Veritonic. Enterprise marketing software: VP Services, CTO, and COO @Movable Media . @Optimost marketing and content. HBS MBA.
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