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Mobile Microblogging Platform for Millennials

Mobile Microblogging Platform for Millennials

Millennials—a market we understand deeply—increasingly digitizes and curates our own news, jokes, ideas, and art through social media, in multimedia forms. But there's no product that is specifically designed for doing all this on mobile. And despite mobile's popularity, there's no app where creatives can tell longer-form stories as easily as they can on desktop.
Verbatm is a mobile blogging and social networking platform. Our current features include in-app multimedia content creation, a single profile from which a user can maintain multiple blogs, and a live feed of content from channels a user follows.
Our goal is to usher in the next generation of mobile storytelling. By endowing creators with the interactivity of mobile apps and the community of social networks, we can bridge the gap between substantive and engaging apps, building a platform for the modern independent publisher. These hypotheses have been proven with users ranging from college students to professional journalists.

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Iain Usiri

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Stanford CS; Full Stack Engineer; 2 Years mobile app experience; Developed and Launched Social Media Platform (verbatm.io);
Associate, Research and Reporting, Tribe Dynamics; Former Co-Founder and COO, Verbatm; Stanford 2016.