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Kickstarter for live music

Kickstarter for live music

Venue is a music company founded in 2018 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is to help artist engage with their audience and rais funds to play concerts.

We want to EMPOWER artists and bands to book their own shows on their OWN TERMS. Since its 2018 and most of the stuff we consume is on demand we think it ́s time that we give that CONTROL to Music fans and Artists to CREATE shows on demand! We are ARTISTS, we are MANAGERS but most of all we are MUSIC FANS! A lot of Bands and Artists out there have a lot of fans but they need to be better connected so that their fans can see them perform LIVE when they want instead of waiting for someone to book them.

If you are a BAND or an ARTIST sign up and start a campaign and let all your fans know about your planned show so that they can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you are a MUSIC FAN help your favorite Band play in your city by spreading the word!
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Founder Venue • Worked at @Olofsson Bil, @Landskrona stad

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