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At VPFX our aim is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, whilst reducing their back-office administration burden - all whilst saving them money.

We are a small group of entrepreneurs in the U.K. with backgrounds in wealth management, banking, and trading; who are looking to create a group (...an empire!) of disruptive companies in high demand industry's, generate for all involved multiple sources of significant income, and create generational wealth.

Our team ethos derives from our desire to break the normal 9-5 work life; we take pride in working hard, developing new ideas, and exploring innovative business concepts.
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Foreign Exchange Sales Consultant (comm's based)

Posted 6 months ago

Generate new leads via email, phone, LinkedIn etc
Assist with client KYC/AML requests from compliance
Capitalise on your existing network to rapidly build your "client book"

We are looking for highly driven & entrepreneurial individuals who are keen to build a strong source of income via co...