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Sales Manager

$20k – $100k
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Salary Expectations. ($20,000 - $100,000)/PER Year.


Must Be able to generate and perform sales of $25,000 monthly.

Must be able to open leads opportunities to yleid sales

Must be able to close sales effectively

Must be able to follow up on potential clients (10% to close, 20% to close sale up to the 100% close of sales)

Must be able to expand our network and Find useful, developmental and strategic Partnerships.

Must have experience with Google sheets and Reporting sales Results

Must be passionate about our community.

Must be active in our community.

Should be able to reinvent our product for effective sales.

Additional Rewards:

- Recommendations to other startups.

- 0.5% of our yearly profit, based on exceptional performance.

- Partnerships Development attracts( $100 - $5000)/partnerships

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