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setting up hyperlocal marketplaces

setting up hyperlocal marketplaces

We're bringing Mobile Shopify for local stores and enabling them to go hyper-local with expanded customer base. Vendy would be a DIY ( Do - It - Yourself) platform to launch their own mobile app store, manage and scale their hyper-local e-commerce business on mobile.

What all Vendy Stores will do?
- Vendors can specify location to sell their goods and gain visibility and prominence in that particular location.
- Since, it would be a DIY platform they would manage their inventory, customize their mobile store app, monitor sales, integrate & automate services like online - payment, delivery, packaging.

The vision behind Vendy :
- We aim to democratize e-commerce and empower the local diversity and it's prominent vendors + products to gain visibility among consumers.
- Vendy will enable anyone to quickstart their hyperlocal mobile store within minutes.

java engineer

sales/ growth hacker required to execute a sales campaign

react-native developer

advanced user interface developer

Founder - footloose.io