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Artisans of the Internet.

Artisans of the Internet.

Velocis translates ideas into businesses.

Imagine an accelerator, great. Now here's the difference, we get down in the dirt and build your product with you.

Some Key Points:

- We aren't a dev shop, we are your partners.

- We care just as much (if not more) about your business model as we do your product or service.

- Many of our partners are nontechnical (and often first-time) founders.

- We help vet, train and hire in-house technical teams. Endless consulting doesn't make sense.

- Founder education is a big part of our job.

- We invest and acquire equity in many of our partner companies in the form of reduced rates.

Our team has experience in both business and tech. We have raised money, built products, distributed them into markets and grown companies. We have created products and services for end-users in 7 different industries over the past 2 years alone.

We don't care where you are. We don't care what your first language is. We don't care if you went to university.

Bradley Joyce

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If it needs doing, I can get it done. Design / Code / UI / UX / Marketing / Sales

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