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LiFi Technology (Visible Light Communication)

LiFi Technology (Visible Light Communication)

Velmenni, having developed Li-Fi, now comes among one of the most valued organizations in the world of optical wireless data transmission. Founded in 2012, Velmenni became the first venture to explore the universe of visible light communications technology in India. With our prime product, Li-Fi, we're disrupting the world of data communication.

We have created a LiFi-based mesh network solution which helps in transferring data across long distances. The product makes setting up wireless networks in ground, motion & air possible, where optical cable infrastructure is difficult to implement.

Our team has been working on Li-Fi for the past 5 years. It has pioneered in achieving several technological milestones. Today, our main focus is on optimisation of speed efficiency and seamless connectivity within the Li-Fi domain.

We live to innovate. We like to collaborate. Let's touch base.

Deepak Solanki

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Founder | CEO @Velmenni • Worked at @Thinklabs.in, @Research Student, IIIT-Hyderabad. Entrepreneur, Traveler

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Founder Velmenni • Worked at @oDesk