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Software Development Engineer

$80k – $110k • 0.1% – 0.2%
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As a Software Development Engineer, you will:
● Collaborate with product managers and research scientists and build software to bring
deeply intelligent solutions directly to the consumer.
● Work with cloud based (AWS, Google, or others) solutions for storing, servicing, and
computing large production datasets with minimal latencies.
● Build services & containers for products servicing consumers directly and using smart,
efficient algorithms on very large datasets.

Required Experience
● Computer Science (Bachelors + minimum 2 years experience)
● Proficient in coding Python, Java, working with distributed storage & caching (Dynamo DB,
EC2, Elastic Cache, Mongo DB, etc.)
● Understanding of Cloud based container architectures (e.g Kubernetes, Lambda, Docker
● Hands on experience building and maintaining RESTful services
● Experience managing & operating on critical software in production
● Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

● Computer Science (Masters + 1 year experience)
● Deep familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting, computer, and storage options.
● Building and deploying machine learning models on the cloud using Sagemaker etc.

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