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Computer Vision/Machine Learning Research Scientist

$100k – $140k AngelList Est.
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As a Research Scientist, you will:
● Develop highly scalable classifiers and detectors that solve real-world problems
● Participate in cutting-edge research for computer vision applications
● Develop and implement video and image processing methods
● Develop object detection and recognition models along with video classification tasks
● Work on models that will push the current state of computer vision/machine learning, and
expose you to the exciting field of deep learning
● Work with a dedicated high-performance compute cluster specialized for deep learning

Required Experience
● Experience in implementation of object detection/classification including traditional handcraft
feature-based methods in the image processing domain ((HOG, SIFT, Gabor filter, etc.)
● Experience with Computation Vision libraries for software development such as OpenCV
● Some experience with deep-learning tools, such as Caffe, TensorFlow and Keras
● Data Structure knowledge
● Software Architecture/Design experience

● C/C++ and Python coding and debugging skills, familiarity with multi-threaded programming
● Understanding of deep-learning, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), experience with
industrial application of CNN on projects with large and complex data is a plus
● Ability to handle depth and thermal imaging data is a big plus
● Experience with Git or similar and embedded SW Development environments
● Agile experience is a plus

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