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Promoting your product with referral programs

Promoting your product with referral programs

You’ve got a hot new product or service that your customers seem to love, but how do you spread the word to start generating profits? If you’re looking for a proven, reliable way to get the word out about your business, without paying for extra advertising, you might want to consider offering a referral program.

Done well, a referral program can strengthen the relationship with your current customers and make the popularity of your product spread like wildfire. And in most cases, it doesn’t take too much time or money to implement.

What is a referral program?
A referral program is an incentive-based marketing campaign that rewards participants for finding referrals for you. In many cases, the referral is also rewarded for becoming a new customer. For example, you might offer your current customer 20% off their next order if they get a colleague to become a first-time customer. That first time customer would also get 20% off their first order, as part of the program.

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