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We are a young, passionate & creative team of thinkers, tech geeks, designers and educationists working together to disrupt and change the face of education as we know it! We proudly call ourselves RDX (Research Develop Explore) RDX Team @Vedantu have always been a super dense team in terms of talent and experience. In the last couple of years we have worked intensively on technologies like - Java, Python, Play Framework, NodeJS, MongoDB, OrientDB, HBase, Hadoop, AWS, Google Cloud, ElasticSearch, Lucene, Android Development etc. You name it and its highly probable that we have either worked or working on it. Some core challenges we are solving: 1. Live Student-Teacher connect - making it scalable & reliable: How can we create system intelligent enough to gauge a student's requirement - contextually map with best suited teacher - that too in real time. How can scalable technology be created to seamlessly run 100s of live learning sessions concurrently. 2. Live 1-to-1 Learning - enabling better experience than classroom: What can be the most awesome live learning environment between a teacher & a student. We have coded one from the scratch and we call it WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment). We are continuously evolving it with feedback from 1000s of learning sessions that have happened on Vedantu. We are working deep on making this learning environment contextual for different learning purposes - sciences, languages, coding, essays etc. 3. Taking Live 1-to-1 Learning Mobile: How can live learning happen on mobile devices - low bandwidth, low end processors, small screens. 4. Blended Learning - supplementing live with content: We supplement live learning with content and hence are creating all possible content tools to run tests, videos, assignments, docs on system. 5. Scaling the low bandwidth challenges: And hey, did we mention the massive challenge of running a live session seamlessly on very low internet bandwidths!

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