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Rebuilding VC and connecting APAC



Alan Chan

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VC @Vectr Ventures. Co-founded @iPiao (now Yulemao). Worked @Goldman Sachs. Always @Duke University Blue Devils.

Arthur Law

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Searching for a wide range of tech, seed to Series A. HK based, plugged into SF/LA. Living and loving the startup life. @Vectr Ventures


Queeny Ho

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EA of the Partners at Vectr Ventures

Michelle Yu

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Angela Yeh

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Worked at UBS

Edwin Ho

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Worked at Vectr Ventures. Went to University of British Columbia

AJ Mak

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Venture Partner at Vectr Ventures, Business Development Director at M.R. SIMAK International. Experience with Branding, Strategies, and the Apparel industry.

Tony Zander

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VP Product @Vectr Ventures • Worked at @Microsoft @Zynga • Studied at @University of Illinois, Urbana\Champaign

Roni Hiranand

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Venture Capital @Vectr Ventures

Eunice Chan

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Elva Lee

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Interested in real solutions

Andy Chen

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CEO @ Aspiro Group (public parent company of TIDAL Hifi, WiMP Music, and RADR Music News)

Jordan Schlipf

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Jason Best

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Fintech Partner, Vectr Ventures Co-Founder, Crowdfund Capital Advisors Worked on fintech in 40+ countries w/ founders, regulators, govts, World Bank, IDB, etc

Danny Siu

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A full-stack technologist with over 21 years experience leading teams' technical capabilities in the US and Asia.

Board members and advisors

Peng Du

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VP@Tuspark,MD@Tuspark financial group
Co-inventor of Guitar Hero ($2B revenue), sold to Activision for $150MM.
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Former team

Ian Woo

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Nick Settje

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Yuedan (Sophia) Lu

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Leena Chatlani

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Matt Brick

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