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Artificial Intelligence for Sponsorship Management

Artificial Intelligence for Sponsorship Management

vBrand brings the evolution of big data analysis to the global sponsorship market by providing brands, rights-holders, agencies and TV-broadcasters with the tools needed to measure and plan sponsorship investments and sales.

Global spending on sponsorship has grown from 35$B 2010 to $60B in 2016. Yet, brands and rights-holders lack effective means to evaluate the overall sponsorship/event marketing impact across all platforms, linear and digital.

vBrand "always-on" artificial intelligence data platform tracks TV and digital media in near real-time, identifies brands exposure and the context in which they appear, captures various data points such as audience data and engagement metrics, to provide earned vs. paid media evaluation, monetary value calculations, cross-brands comparative analysis, placement effectiveness and many more insights.


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Co-Founder & CTO at vBrand, 10+ experience in product and software development
CEO & Founder vBrand •10+ years of Product, Software & Digital Marketing. • Studied at @Wharton School, @Tel Aviv University