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KYC-integrated digital signatures with instant verification via mobile app

KYC-integrated digital signatures with instant verification via mobile app

Vaultie lets you sign documents using a 5-factor digital credential that can be verified at any time.
The signature contains the authenticated selfie of a signatory, KYC information, digital and electronic signatures, signed document address on a decentralized filesystem (IPFS), and blockchain anchors.

All that data is accessible via QR code, affixed on every page of the signed document once you create a copy by downloading/printing it.

The digital credentials and signatures are verified in real-time when the QR is scanned using the Vaultie app.
Th selfie and KYC information help to establish the identity of the person signed.
The decentralized storage provides access to the original copy any time from any place in the world that has Internet access.
Blockchain anchors make sure that the data was not tampered.

All of the data is encrypted peer-to-peer between the issuer and the signing parties.

Meyer Mechanic, MBA

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Serial Learner. Building an AI and Blockchain based electronic signature and notary platform for legal documents

Dmitry Semenovskiy

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Founder @Vaultie • Worked at @Plutus, @IBM EE/A


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