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We believe new crypto payments protocols will have the similar impact on the world as the invention of HTTP & web browser. So far we had only scratched the surface of what's possible with Bitcoin software stack. Right now we are brainstorming, building and experimenting around the clock how to leverage the fantastic possibilities of Bitcoin and solve the hard challenge of making Bitcoin-powered products easy and accessible to non-technical users around the planet.
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PR Manager

POSITION DUTIES: Vault12 has an opening for a PR Manager.The incumbent will be
responsible for all of the company’s public relation activities.

Software Engineer

Mobile - IOS and Android developers

Are you interested in building the flagship iOS and Android apps for the most innovative security solution for consumer cryptocurrency owners? Do you love creating smooth animations and delightful user interactions?

Software Engineer

Security Engineer

As a core member of our Security team, you’ll be responsible for building and maintaining the core services that protect our customers crypto assets. You’ll be building key infrastructure and services that keep our users safe while providing the best security experience possible.