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Stable-coin 1:1 USD-pegged, gold-backed trustworthy alternative to Tether

Stable-coin 1:1 USD-pegged, gold-backed trustworthy alternative to Tether

Vault aims to become the first trustworthy gold-backed stablecoin, intended to provide market participants with a secure, fully redeemable token to use as trading medium and store of value.

Unlike other stablecoins, Vault will enable trading without ever moving into fiat and without taking on commodity risk thanks to our currency hedging program. Vault is backed by a comprehensive gold vaulting and purchasing process, with a fully compliant and transparent verification and ledger system that is integrated with blockchain/token infrastructure. All Vault coins, denominated in dollars or euros, are backed by the equivalent amount of gold in Swiss vaults.

Vault is backed by a consortium of precious metals companies- mines, refineries, trading and hedging and royalty companies, logistics and distribution- that ensure a constant supply equal to the value of the stable coins that have been purchased. The founding team includes gold industry financiers, tech entrepreneurs, and investors.
I am a technologist focused on blockchain innovation, with deep content familiarity in finance & risk management, coupled with a zeal for business development.

Matthew Mausner

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Co-Founder, Vault. Founder, Woxxer. Innovator, Consultant, Advisor to companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500.

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